September 30, 2023

Seven out of ten drivers speed through city estate


MORE than half of Kilkenny drivers are ignoring speed limits in certain residential parts of the city.

The spat of speed violations has led to Kilkenny County Council creating 20 new speed ramps in certain parts of the city.

The cost of creating the 20 speed ramps is €45,000 excluding VAT. The council only set aside €10,000 in its roadworks budget for 2019, enough for just four ramps.

Speed surveys were conducted in various estates around the city where residents raised concerns over the ongoing flaunting of the limits.

In Bishop Birch Place, a whopping 68% of the cars clocked were going over the 30kph limit.

Glendine Heights and Lacken Drive recorded over half the cars travelling through the estates exceeded the speed limit.

Some areas surveyed show no vehicles breaking the speed limit, such as Riverview and Ardnore. Other areas recorded a small number of speed violations, such as Rose Hill Crescent and Rosewood.

Surveys are still ongoing in numerous estates around the city.


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