July 14, 2024

Shameless ‘phishers’ using Covid-19 crisis to target Kilkenny people

A disgraceful text scam praying on Kilkenny resident’s fears over coronavirus has emerged.

Local gardai are urging anyone who receives a very convincing text scam pretending to be from the Coronavirus contact tracing team to delete it immediately.

The text informs people: “Someone who came in contact with you tested positive or has shown symptoms for Covid-19.”

The text then “recommends you self-isolate or get tested.”

It then asks people to click on a link – Covid-19anon.com/Alert – the link will expose your phone to a phishing scam.

These type of scams works by using an email, text or whatsapp to try and steal user data, including login credentials, bank card numbers, and usernames. It occurs when a phisher (scammer), pretends to be a trusted source to get the victims to open the link.

Kilkenny gardai say anyone who needs to be contacted by the tracing team will be contacted by phone and not by text.

“This is a scam,” a Garda spokesperson said. “Delete the text and don’t follow the link.

“For all information on Covid19, follow the Government guidelines on gov.ie or HSE.ie.

“A member of the public health team may phone you and ask about people you have been in contact with. This is called contact tracing.

Your GP can also advise you further,” the Garda source said.

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