October 1, 2023
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The arrival of Covid-19 has forced almost every business in the country to adapt to the new reality we find ourselves in.

Before the pandemic, many companies probably toyed with the idea of developing their website and developing a more innovative online presence. But as the restrictions began to bite the gradual refocus to digital turned into a virtual exodus as businesses across almost every sector moved online.

The Government has stepped in to help businesses make the switch to digital. The Local Enterprise Office has an online voucher scheme worth €2,500 for local businesses which has proved to be very popular.

However, simply developing a new website is only part of the battle for companies who are looking to redefine their brand and to market themselves during the pandemic.

This is where Liberty Communicates can help.

Comprising a talented team of journalists and communications experts, Liberty Communicates will not only help you to develop your dream website: they’ll also craft the unique story of your business in a way that will directly engage with and excite your target audience.

As Liberty Communicates Managing Director Shane Doran puts it: “Many businesses understand that they need to move online, but often in the rush to build a new website the vital message the company needs to communicate to customers and potential new clients often gets lost.

“Most web developers are pretty good at what they do, but they are not communications specialists and just leave it up to the clients to provide the content for the website.

“We look at it differently: we work closely with our clients and harness the power of storytelling to make sure their unique story and brand stands out from the crowd. All of the content is created with a view to helping our clients to market themselves more effectively. The first building blocks of the website are not laid until the client is completely happy with the content we’ve created with them.”

Liberty Communicates will not just build your dream website and create the content: they will also advertise and promote your business and your new site on their dedicated digital news platforms. The communications company is also the publisher of KilkennyNow.ie and WaterfordNow.ie and can ensure your unique story directly reaches your target audience through innovative digital marketing.

When it comes to building your ideal website, the Liberty ethos is simple: make it appear striking, but also ensure it is developed in a user friendly manner so that it is easy to update and maintain the site.

Web developer James O’Neill adds: “It’s all about creating something beautiful, but also a site that’s easy for readers to navigate and clients to maintain on a daily basis. All of our sites are built on WordPress, which reduces the turnaround time for development as well as being the most cost effective option for businesses.”

Liberty Communicates is an innovative public relations and content creation company with over a hundred combined years’ experience at the cutting edge of national and international journalism. Its vast experience managing newsrooms and award-winning teams of journalists helps clients to build influence, develop their profile and protect the reputation of their organisation and executives.

Shane Doran adds: “Our experience working for some of Ireland and the UK’s best-known media organisations enables us to develop striking narratives that will frame your unique story in ways that will excite and engage your audiences. Our network of trusted journalists, editors, designers and web developers ensures your content will be of the highest quality, delivered to meet the most demanding deadlines.”

Michael Wolsey, Liberty’s Editorial Director and one of Ireland’s most experienced journalists, explained the company’s approach and ethos: “We are all about empowering our clients to illustrate and empower themselves. We workshop your brand, history and personal, coming up with a single initiative or ongoing media and communications campaign. Then we devise innovative content, websites and media strategies and hone your input to make a real impact.”

For more information, or to try out more about how you can avail of the Local Enterprise Office online voucher scheme, contact Liberty Communicates on +353 56 780 6728, +00353 87 356 1722 or visit: http://www.libertycommunicates.ie


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