April 23, 2024
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SPONSORED: Getting personal means getting truly fit at 360 Fitness Training

As the restrictions finally lift, many people are looking forward to next week as some gyms prepare to reopen for the first time in months.

It won’t be exactly the same as it was before the pandemic hit, but innovative gym owners with the right space have been working hard in recent weeks to make sure their fitness centres are ready and equipped to ensure adequate social distancing and safety measures are in place.

Kilkenny’s 360 Fitness Training is ideally equipped to cater for customers as it prepares to resume classes on June 29.

Even before the lockdown, owner Ciarán Clear opted for smaller, more intimate classes so he could give his customers the right attention to get the results they need.

Speaking ahead of the reopening of 360 Fitness Training at the Danville Business Park, just off the Ring Road, Ciarán said he fully invested in his clients’ targets and personal progress as they get back to business next week.

“We pride ourselves that our clients are not just members,” says Ciarán, the founder and guiding force behind 360 Fitness Training. “They are valued people in our positive community.”

360 Fitness Training offers a variety of programmes involving Personal Training and Semi-Personal Training. The individual touch is common to them all.

“All our programmes are tailored to the individual,” says Ciarán. “Our aim is to give all our clients the best opportunity to get the results they desire, and we believe we can offer this with our hands-on approach.”

Getting the best from a personal trainer means a whole array of lifestyle changes, all of which need a mix of support, encouragement – and sometimes a little bit of nagging.

But, although they will nag when it’s needed, 360 Fitness Training believes getting truly fit should be fun.

“Achieving fitness goals is not just about the quality of instructions given, but also how much you enjoy following them,” says Ciarán. “We have a culture that promotes a positive atmosphere at all times. You can be sure of training in an environment that encourages you always.”

A good personal trainer thinks about the client for more than the time they are together in the gym. It’s a lifestyle choice that brings lifestyle change and at 360 Fitness Training there is total commitment from the coaches.

“We are different from other fitness facilities in that we focus on body and mind,” says Ciaran.

360 Fitness Training aims to empower you to achieve your fitness goals. It will do this through:
*Top-class training;
*Personalised nutritional advice;
*Providing continuous support.

It operates to a number of core beliefs upon which it was founded:
*That everybody, regardless of age or ability, can improve their fitness;
*That physical health and fitness should never come at the expense of psychological and emotional well-being;
*That exercise should be enjoyable, effective and an efficient use of time;
*That dietary advice should be about creating sustainable habits, tailored for you.

For people who do not want the individual intensity of personal training, semi-personal training has become popular. It gives superior results to attending a commercial gym or large exercise class because, at 360 Fitness Training, it involves sessions designed and run by an experienced coach.

These coaches understand the client as a person and know when to push and when to hold back.

With semi-personal training, you still get your own programme but you reach your goals in the company of others.

Some people relish this social aspect and find that when training with others they help to motivate each other.

360 Fitness Training offers timetabled semi-personal training sessions and can also organise bespoke sessions for groups of similar-minded people with similar goals, such as sports teams, work colleagues or wedding parties.

The choice is yours. And the best way to start is with a free consultation.

360 Fitness Training is located at Unit 26, Danville Business Park, Kilkenny, R95 CX86, off the Ring Road. You can find them online at http://www.360fitness.ie.

You can email Ciaran at ciaran@360fitness.ie. Or you can call them directly on 087 062 0176.










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