December 2, 2023
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SPONSORED: Synergy Pilates – not just great workouts, it’s a whole way of life

Synergy Pilates is back in business!

The Kilkenny city pilates practice has moved to a new, larger room to comply with new regulations in the wake of the lockdown.

Pilates offers an enjoyable route to these goals. And Synergy Pilates, in Kilkenny, now has the perfect environment and skilled teachers to help you achieve them.

Synergy Pilates was founded by Aideen Stevens in 2012. It started small, offering mostly Reformer Pilates classes alongside Mat and Pilates Barre. Over the years the business has grown steadily, increasing the number of classes and teachers at its base in Newman House, Lower New Street. Aideen has been joined by Martin and Mafra and the team offers a variety of teaching styles to suit everyone.

The studio reopened its classes to a bigger room on June 29 after being closed due to the pandemic. With each machine now spaced at three metres apart – advocates of Reformer Pilates advocates can safely take part in class and regain the benefits of the practice they missed during the lockdown.

During lockdown, Aideen adapted to online remote live classes through Zoom, offering a variety of mat-based Pilates and Yoga classes.

The classes initially started as a fundraiser and over two weeks Aideen and the group managed to raise €850 for the Feed the Heroes charity. Subsequently, clients could either pay per class or avail of the unlimited online package. All classes were complimentary to frontline staff and there was a weekly Gentle Stretch and Relaxation class that was free to all: a space for people to relax and unwind.

With the success of the live online classes, Synergy Pilates continues to provide this fantastic service alongside the studio classes.

Aideen said: “We have also introduced a’ hybrid’ class whereby one can either attend the class in-studio or tune in live from home. Online-live classes have really benefited our clients who are either isolating or working from home and they find it a convenient format to practice their Pilates and Yoga.

During lockdown both Aideen and Mafra completed the Pink Ribbon Programme to become Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise Specialists. Aideen added: “We intend to launch this programme soon through our website and app in the next month or two alongside other online and on demand services – details will be announced soon!”

Pilates is an exercise regime that focuses on working the whole body to improve strength and flexibility. It is named after Joseph H. Pilates and was derived from his ‘Contrology’ (aka Science of Control) exercise regime.

All forms of Pilates follow the same principles: breathing, control, concentration, core connection, precision, mind-body connection, flexibility, flow and relaxation. All these principles are present when each exercise is performed correctly.

“Pilates is much more than just body toning – it’s a way of life,” says Aideen.

The company’s founder is the mother of two girls and originally from Galway.

Aideen has an unusual background for a Pilates teacher. She moved to Kilkenny in 2005 to work as an archaeologist for a company.

Aideen has an MA in archaeology from NUIG and worked in that industry for five years. She had a particular interest in anatomy and specialised in forensic osteology, in which she carried out a minor dissertation for her BA Degree at UCD. During 2007–2008, she embarked on her training to become a fitness instructor and Pilates teacher.

Aideen’s Pilates teaching experience spans 11 years. She is a certified Pilates teacher, qualified to teach Mat and Reformer Pilates to all levels, as well as specialising in Pre-/Post-Natal, Spinal Flexion Pathologies, Spine Correction and Pilates for Children. In addition to Pilates, Aideen is a qualified Hatha Yoga and Aerial Yoga Trapeze teacher.

Martin joined the Synergy Pilates team in 2015. He is a father of four children and originally hails from San Francisco, where he was raised as a Galwegian Gaeilgeoir. With background training in Kung Fu, Martin has been teaching Pilates since 2013.

Mafra is a Kilkenny Cat who joined the team in 2017. She is a mother of four children has nine years of Pilates practice. Mafra qualified to teach Mat and Reformer Pilates in 2016. In addition to her Pilates qualifications, she is also a Hatha Yoga Teacher. Her academic qualifications consist of a BA in English Literature, a Diploma (Kings Inn) and MA in Law.

Synergy Pilates is the only business in Kilkenny that offers Reformer Pilates classes.  “And we offer the best value reformer classes in the country allowing it to be more affordable to everyone,” says Aideen.

Reformer Pilates is an equipment-based class. The Reformer was originally created by Joseph Pilates for patients with muscular atrophy. It enabled these patients to perform his ‘Contrology’ routine, which today is more commonly known as the classical Mat Pilates repertoire.

He then refined it for regular use to improve performance on the mat or for specific sports. The Reformer is a self-operated machine with a mat/platform attached to a carriage that moves back and forth, with varying adjustable resistance springs depending on what exercise the user is performing.

Pilates practice on the Reformer allows the user to access and trigger deep intrinsic muscles that the user may not have ever been aware of beforehand, resulting in better precision and technique when performing the exercises, giving far greater results.

The mission of Synergy Pilates is to improve the quality of your life.

“Pilates practice can make everything in your life easier,” explains Aideen. “It strengthens your mind and whole body by rejuvenating and rehabilitating your spine.This in turn results in whole-body balanced strength and flexibility.

“We do this by tailoring workouts to your story – your needs- whether through individual personal sessions or small group classes. Our teachers are highly trained, intuitive and experienced. They are compassionate and empathetic to everyone who comes through our door.”

Synergy Pilates has recently launched new Levitate Fitness classes. These are Yoga and Pilates classes using the Aerial Yoga Trapeze. This new service is available now and has a number of timeslots on the schedule to choose from.
*For more details about Levitate Fitness and all Synergy Pilates classes call 087 746 0980 or visit:





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