June 15, 2024
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Step in the right direction: More space for pedestrians in new Kilkenny traffic scheme agreed by council

Kilkenny city centre is ready to adapt to the social distancing issues raised by Covid-19 and create more space for pedestrians in time for the easing of restrictions imposed upon us by the global pandemic.

Local councillors have agreed to a plan creating a one-way traffic system in the city centre’s narrow streets allowing much great room for social distancing as businesses reopen once again.

The plan agree at this week’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council will see a change to the traffic plan on John’s Bridge, Rose-Inn Street and High Street.

The agreement comes after extensive consultations with traders and business people in the city centre.

It is expected the new traffic scheme will be in place by the end of June with a division between vehicular access and pedestrian areas separated by temporary bollards and flower boxes.

The council noted that the new scheme is not permanent and can be reversed at any time if and when required.

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