May 19, 2022

‘Substantial’ amount of cash and cocaine found during raid on house in Kilkenny

More than €7,000 worth of cocaine and a substantial amount of cash was recovered during a raid by gardai in Kilkenny.

The raid, carried out by the Kilkenny Drugs Unit happened on Johnswell Road late on Thursday night.

Gardai had become aware of suspicious activity and conducted a raid on the back of this.

Once inside the house, the Drugs Unit discovered €7,000 worth of cocaine and what they described as “a substantial amount of cash.”

A local garda spokesperson said: “One person was arrested and later charged and will appear in Court later this month.”

The spokesperson also made this appeal to the public: “If you notice anything suspicious you believe may be drug related please contact our dedicated drugs hotline on 0877904885.”

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