December 7, 2022

Sunshine, showers and thunderstorms – but finally Summer 2019 is about to begin!

BETTER late than never.

After a pretty miserable first three weeks of June, we’re finally going to experience some real BBQ weather over the coming days.

But first we can expect some more unsettled spells in between as thunderstorms and showers interrupt blissful periods of bright, hazy sunshine over the weekend.

In its latest forecast, Met Éireann said today will begin dry and bright with lots of lovely sunshine through Kilkenny and Leinster for most of the day, albeit with “some cloud cover at time through the middle of the day”. Temperatures will rise to 19 degrees, according to the national forecaster.

And it gets even better tomorrow, with the Met Éireann promising “spells of hazy sunshine” and top temperatures of up to 20 degrees. There will be some rain and showers on the South West coast, but it’s all looking fine and dandy in this corner of island.

Things, unfortunately, will take a turn for the worse on Sunday, with those showers in the South West gradually spreading to other parts of the country. However it will remain warm, with temperatures rising to 20 degrees and the first half of the day should be fairly dry in Kilkenny and the South East.

Next week will get even sunnier, with temperatures of between 18 and 24 degrees expected for the first few days, albeit with the “occasional heavy or thundery showers”, according to Met Éireann.

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