March 1, 2024

For richer and for poorer: Kilkenny’s highest and lowest earning neighbourhoods revealed


THE KILKENNY area with the highest average total household income been revealed.

The Dunmore area north of the city tops the list with a household median gross income €72,076. That’s according to a new report released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Urlingford came bottom of the list in Kilkenny, recording an average household income of €32,653.

The Geographical Profiles on Income in Ireland 2016 report looks at income distributions in Ireland, breaking it down by county and then by electoral division. The report considers factors such as housing, health, education, occupation and commuting.

On a national scale, Kilkenny recorded the ninth highest average total household income of €44,235.

After Dunmore in the list of areas in Kilkenny, the electoral areas Kilbeacon, Kiltorcan, Grange and Muckalee followed, all recording average total household incomes in excess of €65,000.

Goresbridge, with €32,803, was the electoral district with the second lowest average household income in the county.

The report found social welfare payments, including the state pension, made up more than half of the income 26.6% of households and that income is impacted by factors such as gender, general health, education and the place and type of work undertaken.

The figures are based on information gathered during the 2016 Census.

To read the full CSO report, log on to:

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