March 1, 2024
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More than €4.3Million has been announced for walking and cycling infrastructure across county Kilkenny. The funding has been made available by the National Transport Authority (NTA) for the provision of sustainable transport projects. Overall, the projects allocated funding in Kilkenny will receive €4,333,000 and will include an allocation of €1,100,000 for the development
Kilkenny’s Dáil deputy John McGuinness has put his name forward to chair the new Oireachtas Covid-19 committee. Electing a chairperson will be the first act of the new 19-member committee, which has been set up to scrutinise all the actions taken by Government, State agencies and other authorities in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. Deputy McGuinness […]
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‘All politics is local’ was the maxim of Tip O’Neill, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. That’s certainly true in Ireland where some TDs have trouble seeing beyond their own back yard. Balancing national interests with local needs can be difficult but John McGuinness has done it throughout his career. The Fianna Fáil TD […]