October 5, 2022
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Talking turkey: Sandwiches are our favourite way to mop up Christmas leftovers

After the great Christmas Day food splurge … come the leftovers!

It will probably come as no great shock to people in Kilkenny that most of us prefer making sandwiches (65%) with our leftover turkey and ham at Christmas, a new survey from the Environmental Protection Agency has found.

The EPA also  found that the most wasted Christmas food are Brussels sprouts (32%), followed by meat (30%) and potatoes (25%).

The EPA is encouraging everyone in Kilkenny to reduce their festive food waste and not to forget the leftovers this Christmas – saving money and time as well as lowering their carbon footprint in the process.

Also in the survey, 70% of people admitted that they buy extra food ‘just in case’ they have unexpected visitors, a lot of which ends up being thrown out.

So instead of overbuying, the EPA says, store food properly so it lasts longer and use your leftovers as this ensure there is enough Christmas fare for guests.

For ideas on how to make the most of your leftovers, long on to: http://www.stopfoodwaste.ie

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