October 1, 2023
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Top economist David McWilliams to advise Kilkenny businesses on how to prepare for Brexit

DAVID McWilliams, one of Ireland’s most recognised and influential economic and social commentators, will advise local businesses on how to prepare themselves for Brexit at a special event at Hotel Kilkenny next month.

He will be the keynote speaker at the Ready, Set, Brexit’ event on October 2, which has been organised by Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny. The event free and all local businesses are invited to attend.

Mr McWilliams is ranked as the 10th most influential economist in the world. He was the only economist in Ireland to predict a strong UK Brexit vote, the Trump victory and the 2008 global crash.

Kilkenny County Council chief executive Colette Byrne said: “We need to remember we need to avail of what are often overlooked opportunities that Brexit presents. At this event, David McWilliams will explain in his usual insightful and easy to digest communicative style how we can turn this climate of change into a competitive advantage.”

KCLR chief executive John Purcell will be the MC on the night and will host an expert discussion on how your business can take action to plan for the future economic environment. The panel will include, John Madigan, Head of Marketing and Research – Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland, Michael Brannigan, Executive Chairman of PRL and Brendan O’Neill Director in PwC Kilkenny.

Fiona Deegan, Head of Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny, said: “Amid all the noise about Brexit and speculation about its potential economic impacts, many small businesses are finding it difficult to know exactly what they should be doing to prepare for it.

“Whilst the immediate response may be to batten down the hatches and wait for it all to blow over, it is vital that Kilkenny businesses are pro-active in their preparations. As hubs of expert advice, information and practical supports, the dedicated Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny team can help business manage their Brexit response through and we urge all businesses across sector and size to contact the Local Enterprise Office on www.localenterprise.ie/kilkenny to start their Brexit preparedness journey.”

For more information, log on to http://www.localenterprise.ie/kilkenny


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