October 5, 2022

‘Time to get behind plans to develop brewery site’ – Councillor warns

LOCAL Councillor Michael Doyle has hit out at objectors who derailed plans for a temporary car-park on Kilkenny’s old brewery site.

Kilkenny County Council recently opted to withdraw the car-park plans after the planning permission was challenged and taken to the High Court on environmental grounds.

The council argued it could have faced a protracted and costly legal battle.

But speaking earlier today, Councillor Doyle said the council should not have been forced into taking such action.

He told KCLRfm it’s time people “got behind plans” to develop Kilkenny’s brewery site “rather than objecting to every move that’s made”. Councillor Doyle also warned that people are running the risk of nothing being done if they object “just for the sake of objecting”.


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