December 2, 2023

Top Cats: All-Star backing helps propel Kilkenny legend Aidan into final stages of Dancing With The Stars

Kilkenny hurling legends turned out in force to support former team Aidan ‘Taggy’ Fogarty on last night’s quarter-final showdown on Dancing With The Stars.

And the eight-times All-Ireland champion turned superhoofer didn’t disappoint as he pulled off another impressive performance to make into the final stages of the hit RTÉ programme.

Aidan and dance partner Emily Barker were the last act to take to the dancefloor on last night’s show.

They were supported by Aidan’s former Kilkenny hurling colleagues Jackie Tyrell and Michael Rice, who were in the live studio audience to show their backing to their old teammate.

Fittingly, Aidan and his partner performed American Smooth to the Top Cat theme – and Emily became an honorary Cat after receiving her very own black and amber jersey.

Afterwards Aidan said: “It was great to be a cat again representing the Kilkenny cats! I have had huge support from the Kilkenny players. Normally we’re taking lumps out of each other, but Jackie Tyrell and Michael Rice are here to support me tonight.”

The judges were clearly impressed – scoring Aidan a combined 25 points.

Brian Redmond said of the performance: “Beautiful frame and huge movement across the floor. When you’re in hold, you’re so sophisticated. Everything we dream of when we see ballroom. You could become one of the leaders of the pack!”

Loraine Barry added: “For me you look so comfortable in dancing position. Your fluidity in close hold is unbelievable. Your open work was great, but I’d like a little more ballroom content. It wasn’t tip top, but cats have nine lives and I think you will live another day.”

Darren Bennett said: “Top Cat was one of my favourite shows and it was again tonight. Last week I said you were back in the game and tonight you’re back in the ballroom. The movement was beautiful and so, so easy to watch.”

While Aidan progresses yet again, Fr Ray Kelly became the latest celebrity contestant to exit the show.

Fr Ray and dance partner Kylee Vincent found themselves in the bottom two after a dance-off for which they took a Fr Ted theme and were chosen by the judges to leave the competition.

Fr Ray said: “I’m really emotional. It was marvellous. It was one of the best journeys of my life. It’s been one of those journeys that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Kylee is an absolute saint, an amazing lady. She brought me a long way in dancing and I hope we remain friends.”

Dancing With The Stars continues next Sunday on RTÉ One.


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