May 21, 2024

‘Very obtrusive’ – Council blocks plans for 50ft mast in Kilkenny village

Kilkenny County Council have rejected a national broadbrand and phone provider’s plans to build a telecommunications mast in the centre of a Kilkenny village.

Eircom Limited had applied to the council to erect a 15-metre-high free standing communications mast close to the centre of Kells village.

However, planners felt this development would be “very obtrusive” in such a rural village.

Eircom hoped to erect the 50ft mast with associated antennae, communication dishes, ground equipment and all associated site development works at the Eircom Exchange’s on Haggard Road in Kells.

The council rejected the proposal saying: “(it) is concerned the proposed development is located in an area where the site is in close proximity to existing dwellings in a rural village where only as a last resort masts and antennae should be located.

“The location is not the most suitable and would be very obtrusive and detract from the amenities of the area.”


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