December 5, 2023
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Wage war: Kilkenny people urged to have their say on minimum pay

People in Kilkenny are being encouraged to have their say on what they believe is a fair and equitable National Minimum Wage.

The Low Pay Commission is asking people to submit their opinions on what they consider to be an appropriate minimum wage.

Following a review of the public’s submissions, the Low Pay Commission will make its recommendations to the Minister of Employment Affairs and Social Protection from the information gathered from the public which it feels is a minimum wage that is both fair and sustainable.

The national minimum hourly rates increased from the beginning of this month. Now an experienced adult worker must receive at least €10.10 per hour, a person aged 19 must receive at least €9.09 an hour, an 18-year-old must receive at least €8.08 an hour, while those under 18 must receive at least €7.07 per hour.

In the past five years, the minimum wage has increased by €1.05 per hour.

Submissions will be accepted up until Friday, March 6 and will be instrumental in setting the appropriate minimum wage for 2021.

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