September 22, 2023

Warning to Kilkenny’s 6,000 asthma and hayfever sufferers

Almost 6,000 people in Kilkenny suffer from both asthma and hayfever, accoording to a new survey.

The survey by the Asthma Society of Ireland also found almost a third of Kilkenny  5,878 sufferers have never talked to a healthcare professional about their afflictions.

Local asthma and hayfever sufferers are being urged to mind themselves as the survey found at least one person in Ireland dies every week as a result of asthma.

Of those who have been diagnosed with allergies the most common allergies were to pollen (63%) or house dust mites (56%).

More than 33% of respondents reported a diagnosis of allergy to pet or animal hair and dander. Roughly 20% confirmed allergies to certain foods.

Some 304,000 people across the country have both asthma and hayfever, conditions that result in consistent sneezing, stuffy and runny noses were commonly experienced.

Dr Marcus Butler, Respiratory Consultant at St Vincent’s University Hospital, and Medical Director at the Asthma Society of Ireland, said: “The findings are concerning for the asthma population in Ireland as while all of those surveyed reported experiencing asthma symptoms, 30% had not sought advice from their healthcare practitioner in managing their symptoms.

“While the symptoms are frustrating for many, unmanaged hayfever or allergies can cause asthma symptoms to heighten and escalate into an asthma attack.

“An asthma attack is a respiratory emergency that should be taken seriously by patients and carers. Allergies and hayfever with asthma can be fatal.

“At least one person dies every week as a result of asthma,” Dr Butler added.


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