December 2, 2023
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Waste processor plans to double the size of its Kilkenny facility


A KILKENNY based company which takes domestic waste and separates it into alternative fuels, compostable material and recoverable raw and recyclable materials, is looking to double the size of its operations.

Glanway Ltd, which is based in Belview Port, South Kilkenny is looking to nearly double the size of its waste sorting capability at its port facility.

Currently, Glanway processes 133,000 tonnes of waste in Belview per annum, waste which mainly comes from the domestic market in the South East. It is hoping to get planning permission to increase its warehousing to accept another 98,500 tonnes per annum.

The company processes the waste by extracting all the organic material and turning that into biomass for composting. It also removes all the valuable raw material and transfers that to recycling. The remaining material is then processed to create sustainable alternative fuel, such as refuse derived fuel (RDF) and then exported for the production of heat or electricity.

The whole process undertaken by Glanway in Belview Port cuts back on the need for waste material being sent to landfill.

Kilkenny County Council’s planning department is set to decide next month on whether to grant permission for the expansion.

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