September 21, 2023

‘We should be getting a break’ – McGuinness calls for restrictions to be lifted in Kilkenny

Outspoken local TD John McGuinness has called for a county by county apporach to lifting Covid-19 restrictions.

It comes after a report today confirmed Kilkenny has the second lowest rate of Covid infection in the country, at just 24.2 cases per population of 100,000. Only Kerry (19) has a lower infection rate.

Donegal (295.9) has the highest incidence rate, followed by Dublin (175.6), Westmeath (189.3), neighbouring Tipperary (175.7) and Dublin (175.6).

Leading experts who spoke to the Irish Mail on Sunday called on the Government to ‘be brave’ and only open up counties with the best record of curbing Covid.

UCC Professor of Immunovirology Liam Fanning said: ‘I feel very strongly about this. It’s necessary to keep the rest of the country protected until counties in Leinster and the border counties come below 75 [cases] per 100,000. I think Government needs to govern. And it needs to be brave.’

Deputy McGuinness said he agrees with the county by county approach, adding: “Yes, we should follow the precedent set by France. It is informed by science rather than supposition. You have to follow the facts and reward  compliance.”

And dhe dog-loving politician (pictured below) added: “When I am rewarding tmy German Shepherds, I always carry treats. Kilkenny constituency has one of the lowest rates we should be getting a break.”

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