September 28, 2021

Weather Alert: Yellow Status Weather Warning issued for county Kilkenny

A Status Yellow Wind Warning has been issued for Kilkenny with gusts of up to 120km/h set to batter the county on Wednesday and Thursday.

Met Éireann this morning extended the warning from nine counties to the whole of the Republic of Ireland, with a period of unsettled weather moving in from the south west over the coming days.

A spokesperson for the national weather forecaster said it will become: “Very windy from Wednesday afternoon through until Thursday morning.

“Gust of 90km/h to 110km/h generally, higher at times on hills and coasts in the south and west,” the spokesperson concluded.

Met Éireann is also predicting flooding in coastal and tidal areas.

The wind warning comes into effect at noon tomorrow and will remain in place until 7am Thursday.

The stormy weather will also see a sharp drop in temperatures on Thursday, falling back down to 1C or 2C overnight, with heavy showers also forecast.

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