August 3, 2021

WEATHER FORECAST: See what’s in store for Kilkenny this week

IT’S going to be a week of two halves: dry and cold followed by wet and warm.

The early part of the week starts much the same as the weekend – nice fresh dry days, followed by really cold nights, according to Met Éireann.

Today will be a clear, calm and dry day, with temperatures around 10C. But once it gets dark the temperatures will plummet again, not quite as cold as the previous two nights, but down to between 2C or 3C.

Tomorrow will start in the same vein: dry and clear with temperatures in and around 10C. There will be a change overnight, with as a band of wet weather is imminent, this will see the temperatures rise a bit, so overnight into Wednesday will be much milder, around 7C or 8C.

We can expect some showers on Wednesday, but it won’t last and temperatures will remain around the 10C mark.

The national forecaster said the rain will return with a bang on Thursday, with lots of heavy showers, some thundery. This humid, wet weather, will see temperatures rise possibly up to an unseasonal 17C. Overnight temperatures will back to a pleasant 12C or 13C.

Friday will be showery, with a chance some of those will be thundery. Again, it will be mild, with temperatures up in the mid-teens, possibly as high as 16C.


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