June 6, 2023

WEATHER FORECAST: Kilkenny braced for Big Chill this weekend as temperatures plummet


SET the heating on high and rummage in the back of the wardrobe for your favourite hat and scarf. And don’t forget the umbrella, because this weekend is going to be a cold one. It will also be wet at times in Kilkenny and throughout the South East, but mostly clear.

Met Éireann said this morning will begin quite miserably, with lots of rain and a chill in the air. There will be a frosty breeze in the rain too, with temperatures plummeting to as low or 4C or 5C today.

It’s set to remain wet overnight, and it’s then the chill will really kick in with temperatures set to drop to zero.

The rain will clear overnight, so Saturday morning will start dry, but it will feel cold with temperatures hovering around 6C or 7C.

The absence of clouds means it is going to be freezing overnight with forecasters saying it could drop as far as -2C or -3C. Yes, minus!

Sunday will be dry and crisp, with little chance of rain but it will remain brisk and temperatures around 8C. But like Saturday, they will plummet overnight, back down to -2C again.

Next week starts in a similar vein, dry and chilly days, followed by near freezing temperatures at night. It will be mid-week before this cycle breaks.

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