October 26, 2020

1,200 people in Kilkenny suffer with dementia, local lady is face of new national campaign


THERE are over 1,200 people living with dementia in Kilkenny, and that number is set to increase as national figures indicate that over 4,000 people will develop the condition across Ireland every year.

Next month is World Alzheimer Month (September) and the Health Service Executive is launching a campaign called Dementia: Understand Together.  The face of this campaign in Kilkenny woman, Maureen O’Hara. (See video below)

The video for the campaign shows how inspiring a figure Maureen is. IN the video Maureen explains how she copes with and lives with dementia every day without letting it change her or get her down.


The Understand Together campaign is asking people to support the campaign by becoming a dementia community champion. Community champions are at the heart of this movement which aims to create an Ireland that embraces and includes people with dementia, and that displays solidarity with them and their families.

It is hoped the champions can inspire those around them to take action that will support and help people with dementia and their families, so they remain active and connected within their own local community.

Dementia is caused by different diseases of the brain. There are over 400 different types of dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease the most common. Dementia is most likely to develop in older people but

can occur at a younger age too.

More information can be found about World Alzheimer Month and the Dementia: Understand Together campaign by visiting www.understandtogether.ie/get-involved

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