December 3, 2022
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‘An unholy mess’ – EU Commissioner and ex Kilkenny TD Phil Hogan on UK crisis

EU Agriculture Commissioner, the former Kilkenny TD Phil Hogan, today described the deepening political crisis engulfing Britain as an “unholy mess”.

Ireland’s Commissioner was speaking to reporters as he attended the announcement of a new €1 million investment by Kilkenny-based food crop company Beotanics at Mount Juliet.

When asked about his view on where things currently stand in relation to Brexit, Commissioner Hogan said: “Europe has done its business, it has made an agreement with the United Kingdom and it’s now a matter for the House of Commons. As soon as they’re ready we’re available for discussions.”

But he added: “They seem to be far from ready at the moment.”

Commissioner Hogan was speaking after the publication of polls in British media this morning which show Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party making huge gains, leapfrogging the Conservatives and Labour into first place with 27% of the vote.

When asked how long he thought it will be before we have some clarity from the UK on what will happen next, Commissioner Hogan replied: “Your guess is as good as mine when you see what’s happening in the House of Commons. It’s certainly an unholy mess, but hopefully we’ll be able to see some rational thinking soon in the United Kingdom in order to get a situation where we don’t get a crash out.”












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