July 14, 2020

REVEALED: 11,000 Kilkenny drivers clocked up penalty points in 2018

ALMOST 11,000 Kilkenny motorists clocked up penalty points on their driving licenses this year, new figures reveal.

A total of 10,922 drivers across the city and county received points on their licenses for offences in 2018.

Ten local motorists racked up a maximum 12 points, earning them a six-month driving ban. A further 27 drivers accumulated 10 points on their licenses.

The vast majority of penalised local drivers (7,769) received three points, chiefly for single offences.

Nationally, Kilkenny was a relatively low offender in terms of penalty points, coming in 16th highest out of the 26 counties in the Republic.

Overall 529,733 people had points on their licences by September 30, 2018.

This represents a fall from last year, when a total of 582,738 people had points on their licences on September 30, 2017, according to data released to TheJournal.ie through a Freedom of Information request.

The highest number of points were in Dublin (108,104), followed by Cork (54,342) and Galway (29,620).

The counties with the lowest number of drivers with penalty points were Leitrim with 2,875, Longford with 4,455 and Sligo with 5,954.

Foreign licence holders accounted for 8,907 of the penalty points recorded.

Being issued with 12 penalty points results in disqualification for six months, while novice and learner permit drivers face disqualification if they receive seven points on their licence.


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