October 4, 2023

COVID-19: Total number of coronavirus cases in Kilkenny confirmed

Kilkenny now has five confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The figures are revealed in an county-by-county breakdown of coronavirus cases provided by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET).

Some 74 new cases were confirmed last night, bringing to 366 the total number of infected patients in the Republic.

The NPHET also published an analysis of the first 271 cases. Of these, 40% involved men and 59% are female, with 23 clusters identified.

Their analysis reveals the following:
*So far 42% of coronavirus cases in the country are travel-related;
*22% are associated with community transmission;
*17% are as a result of local transmission;
*20% remain under investigation.

Some two-thirds of cases were among people aged under 55 years, with almost one in four aged 35 to 55.

One baby aged under one contracted the virus, but no children aged one to four years. There were four cases among children aged five to 14 years.

One case in five involved a healthcare worker, and one-third of these cases were associated with travel.

Dublin has the highest number of cases with 129, followed by Cork (48) and Limerick (14).

Leitrim, Laois and Monaghan were the only counties not to record a case, while 15 other counties recorded fewer than five cases.

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