March 1, 2024


If you’re an Arsenal fan, you’ve likely backed your team a few times with a wager. It could have been a friendly wager with your friends, or you could even have used a bookie. And you can likely recall how great it felt to have adrenaline rushing through your system as you watched every minute of the game. If you are yet to experience this, maybe it’s time you added it to your bucket list. Even better, you can try playing on online casino sites where you can try your luck to a greater extent. There, you can play slots, table games, bingo, and pretty much any game of luck or skill. And guess what? As you’re doing so, one of your favorite Arsenal players is probably doing the same thing!


Which Arsenal Players Gamble?

Football players are generally banned from making sports bets. As such, placing wagers for or against their teams is something that can get them banned. So, they choose to play in online casinos to get the same kick you get from placing bets on sports. Online gambling is a favorite pastime for many people. After all, it is:

  • Convenient,
  • Cheaper than going to a physical casino,
  • Anonymous, and
  • Variable – you can find more games online than at a physical casino.

So, it’s no wonder many football players have also started participating in online games. Some Arsenal players who have been open about their love of online casinos include:


1.   Paul Merson

This retired footballer spent quite a significant chunk of his career playing with Arsenal, aiding the team to win several league titles. After his retirement, he decided to put his sports knowledge to good use by predicting which teams would win leagues. He has since become a trusted analyst, and many people trust his word and use it when placing wagers on teams. Besides his knack for predicting the future, Paul enjoys gambling now quite regularly. Since he started playing casino games in 1994, he has spent more than $6 million on casino games! That’s because when he first started playing casino games, he would do so compulsively. He has since learned to control his urges but has not let that get in the way of his love for video poker.


2.   David Michael Bentley

Did you know David started his career at Arsenal before mobbing to Tottenham, Westham, and the Rovers? His stint in Arsenal started in 2001 and lasted till 2006. At the time, David was facing a struggle with his gambling habits and had gotten to a point where he would place up to 100 bets a day. It was not until 2005 that he got over this issue, the same year in which he submitted a transfer request as he wanted to play first-team football. He later revealed in an interview that he had started gambling when he was 14 and had thus grown accustomed to the habit. Later on, David started playing casino games such as poker and roulette, having controlled his compulsive gambling habits. So, now that the compulsion is out of the way, he has an easy time placing wagers and enjoys doing so.


3.   Kenneth Graham Sansom

Kenny had an illustrious football career, having played for Arsenal, Everton, Watford, and many other top football clubs. And while everything may have seemed rosy on the surface, Kenny fell on hard times after a while, owing to his gambling addiction. He luckily beat it and soon started appearing on football talks as an analyst, where punters tuned in to hear his comments about the games.


4.   Tony Adams

Tony’s story is quite interesting. He started playing at Arsenal in the 80s and 90s and was quite a formidable force that kept Arsenal opponents at bay. Soon enough, he started investing in sports bets and casino games, with a preference for roulette and poker. He was not as lucky as he was on the field and lost a lot of money on the table. So, he took this lesson and used it to start a clinic where he helps other people deal with a love for gambling that goes beyond what’s controllable.


Are you thinking about following suit and trying out casino games? It’s easy. All you need is to differentiate between games of chance, games of skill, and games that incorporate the two. Then you can decide if you need to use strategies or if you can bank on superstition to bag a win – also, remember to start small so that you can capitalize on your bankroll! Otherwise, you may spend money you cannot afford to lose, which would only set you up for disaster.


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