May 23, 2024

The largest companies in the technology sector

In recent years, the technology sector has changed rapidly. More and more well-known and large companies dominate the market. Hardly anyone has not heard of Amazon or Microsoft. The stronger the competition, the higher the pressure. Above all, customers benefit from this. The big companies are naturally keen to keep their own offer as the best possible on the market. Low prices and innovative offers are the result.

Amazon – the world’s largest sales platform

On 5 July 1994, the foundation was laid in Washington for one of the most successful technology companies in the world. Jeff Bezos, now considered the richest man in the world, started his idea in a garage in Seattle. Today, the market value is 249.25 billion dollars, making Amazon the front-runner compared to its competitors.

People around the world order products from all over the world and benefit from sophisticated logistics. With Amazon Prime, Bezos’ project achieved the vision of a fast standard delivery.

Amazon keeps diversifying its business. The company is also one of the most important providers of streaming services. Also the cloud-computing services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) are another way of establishing new business models.

Apple – Steve Jobs and his vision

Apple is also one of the best-known companies in the world and, like Amazon, was founded in a garage. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne are the men behind the business that made the desktop computer socially acceptable.

The company’s market value is around 2.65 trillion US dollars, and the Apple iPhone in particular has become a statement for innovative technology around the world. Whether taking photos, listening to music, playing games or even gambling on the best Irish online slots – it is possible with the iPhone or iPad.

The fiercest competitor is clearly Android, although the number of Apple fans continues to grow while other brands like Samsung don’t experience that kind of fellowship within their customers.

Microsoft – much more than just Windows

Back in 1975, Bill Gates founded Microsoft together with his friend Paul Allen. Five years later they were faced with what was probably the greatest challenge of their young company. IBM commissioned the two technology fans to develop an operating system. At that time still under the name MS-DOS, the foundation was laid for a series of successes.

Today, Windows is the best-known operating system in the world, with constant new innovations. In addition, Microsoft focuses on modern and digital technology solutions. Office 365, Teams, Power Apps – the company remains on trend and keeps diversifying its business models.

Alphabet – the company behind Google

Google has become the ultimate encyclopaedia but hardly anyone today associates the name with Alphabet. The company with the new name was founded in 2015 and now operates as the umbrella company of Google LLC. Other web services like YouTube also belong to the network of Alphabet.

It was founded in the course of Google’s restructuring and the shares were taken over completely. Sundar Pichai is the CEO, who together with John L. Hennessy became the key decision-maker.


Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft – those are the giant companies of our time. Technology companies can be seen as the future. While the Millennial generation has been inching its way into the new world bit by bit, Google, iPhone and Co. have been part of it for Generations Z and Y from the very beginning. This led to higher and higher profits and increasing market dominance.

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