March 1, 2024

‘Ban export of all military equipment to Saudi Arabia’ – local Euro election candidate

A LOCAL candidate in the forthcoming European elections has called on the Government to follow Germany’s example and ban the export of all military equipment to Saudi Arabia.

Adrienne Wallace, who is People Before Profit’s candidate for the Ireland South area, also criticised what she described as the Saudi regime’s “barbaric” human rights records.

Ms Wallace said: “Germany’s decision to extend its ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia has put the spotlight on other EU countries. I am calling on the Irish government to ensure that dual use equipment does not reach Saudi Arabia.

“In 2016 a government report on the Control under the Control of Exports Act 2008 indicated that six licenses were granted for equipment whose final destination was Saudi Arabia.

“In the Dáil, it was stated that no licenses were granted for arms exports to Saudi Arabia but this is somewhat economical with the truth. The reality is that Ireland is producing dual use equipment which can be used in Saudi Arabia’s deadly war in Yemen.”

According to latest UN figures, at least 7,025 civilians have been killed and 11,140 injured in the deadly conflict in Yemen (main picture) since March 2015, with some 65% of the deaths attributed to Saudi-led coalition air strikes.

Ms Wallace (pictured below) added: “Ireland can no longer avoid taking measures if there is not to be blood on our hands. After the German extension of a ban on arms sales, Ireland should
announce that it will no longer issue any more licenses for military equipment that will make has Saudi Arabia as its final destination.

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