March 24, 2023

TERROR ALERT: Warning to Kilkenny holidaymakers jetting to Spain this summer


KILKENNY sun lovers and families planning to holiday in Spain this Summer have been warned of a severe terrorist threat.

The Spanish authorities have confirmed they are deploying an extra 40,000 police onto the streets of popular summer destinations across the country to deter potential attacks from the terror group ISIS.

The warning follows the emergence of a pro-ISIS video that emerged earlier this month which allegedly threatened areas within Spain, in revenge for the death of an ISIS recruiter.

Holiday favourites such as Ibiza, Majorca, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia will all see a much heavier police presence on the streets, after the terror threat level was raised up to four out of a possible five.

The Spanish government this week launched Operation Summer, under which police will provide extra protection in popular tourist spots such as bars, restaurants, beaches, hotels and local attractions.

The Department of Foreign Affairs warned: “The threat in Spain is considered to be high. While there is a risk of indiscriminate attacks, targets could include areas frequented by tourists.”

Operation Summer comes into full effect on Monday, July 1.

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