May 18, 2024

Bee climate aware: Kilkenny man putting buzz back in our gardens

A KILKENNY man is helping to lead a nationwide drive to revive the ancient practice of beekeeping.

Francis Nesbit, who runs courses in beekeeping at Croan House, is teaching householders practical ways they can help to fight the feared collapse of the planet’s bee population.

“People want to feel that they are doing something. It can seem too much to attempt to tackle climate change on your own, so people do these things to make themselves feel that they are making a bit of a difference. Getting rid of the car, not going on foreign holidays? Not so much. These are big steps — too big for most people — whereas rearing chickens for eggs, growing a few herbs and vegetables, keeping bees — these things feel achievable. And they are also Instagram friendly,” Francis told The Sunday Times.

Francis is an experienced beekeeper who has six hives of his own and manages another dozen for other people. He usually runs three one-day introductory courses each year and is involved with the Kilkenny Beekeepers Association, which runs a comprehensive course over four evenings in February each year.

“I’d advise anyone starting to keep bees to join an association and find a local keeper to help you manage your hives. Then, if you get a harvest of honey, they will get some of it in return for their help. With a relationship such as this, it’s more likely that a beginner will keep their bees alive,” he added.


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