July 21, 2024
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SPONSORED: Madraí Pet Grooming Salon – because every pet pooch deserves to be pampered!

‘NO two dogs are the same – they all have their own personality.”

Kate Martin takes her clients’ need very seriously, and not just their owners.

An experienced dog groomer based in Rath, Danesfort, Kate takes great pride in her work and understands all of her canine customers require individual treatment.

“Every dog has their own personality,” Kate explains. “I look forward to seeing new dogs coming in. I love to see the dogs that keep coming back to me and to see them getting excited when they come into me and wagging their tails and jumping all over me. It’s the little things like that which mean a lot.”

Madraí Pet Grooming Salon offers a friendly, expert and professional service which is underpinned by Kate’s personal philosophy: every dog deserves to be pampered: “A pamper day isn’t just for humans – our four-legged friends need pampering too from time to time!”

Kate set up Kate’s Madraí Pet Grooming Salon in 2007. Twelve years later, her passion for her “dream job” has only gotten stronger.

“I always grew up with a pet and always loved animals. I love working with dogs,” Kate adds.

Kate trained as a dog groomer in 2006 and is a member of the Irish Professional Dog Groomers’ Association. With a wealth of experience, Kate can cater for the most nervous puppies or stressed dogs that arrive at her salon.

Kate explains her approach: “To put a nervous pet at ease you have to spend time with the dog. You talk to the dog, you build up the dog’s trust before you ever start to groom the dog. If a dog that comes into me hasn’t been with me before I will spend time with the dog so they can get used to me. A dog should enjoy being groomed.”

Kate also offers extremely helpful grooming advice and demonstrations to teach owners how to look after their pet’s coat in-between grooming appointments. If you have any questions about training or health concerns Kate is also happy to offer her expert advice borne of years of experience. When a new client arrives, Kate asks for five minutes of their time so she can learn about their pet and what style of grooming the owner wants.

“I listen to what the customers want. Before the customer leaves, I know exactly how long or short they want their dog trimmed. I’ll always work with what the customer wants,” Kate says.

Kate is available for grooming every Monday to Saturday. She can be contacted via email at katesmadraipetgrooming@gmail.com or directly by phone, 087 988 9106. You can also follow her on Instagram and on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/katesmadraipetgrooming/










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