April 23, 2024

Burns, loss of limbs, eye injuries and arrests – Kilkenny gardai warn against using fireworks

IN the run-up to Halloween, local gardaí are warning Kilkenny people about the serious dangers associated with fireworks, and the legal implications.

Anyone found in possession of illegally held fireworks “could face legal repercussions.”

Each year children end up in hospital with severe burns, loss of limbs and fingers, and horrific eye and facial injuries due to fireworks.

Local gardai are appealing to parents to be responsible and resist the temptation to buy fireworks for their children.

Not only are fireworks dangerous, they also a cause of great distress to elderly people, a local Garda spokesperson explained.

Fireworks have the potential to set off business, house and car alarms, and the anti-social behavior associated with fireworks takes-up Garda resources.

“The prevalence of fireworks causes a lot of anti-social behaviour in the run-up to Halloween. It’s a worrying time for many people, like the elderly and pet owners.

“We ask parents especially, to think twice about getting fireworks for their children, and if they do, to be very vigilant about letting their children have them. Each year, many children suffer terrible injuries and horrific burns because of fireworks.

“Over the years, we have seen horrific injuries, including burns, loss of limbs and serious facial and eye injuries. Fireworks are very dangerous!”

Under Irish law, all fireworks are classed as low explosives and cannot be imported without a licence.

“It is illegal to possess any fireworks that may have been legally bought outside the country and brought into the state.

“Many of the fireworks that are offered for sale are offered illegally and have not passed any control tests. They are possibly defective and quite dangerous –especially in the hands of children.”

Firework’s danger to one’s health are not the only reason people should be concerned, there are criminal implications to think about as well.

“Gardai will confiscate any illegal fireworks found in anyone’s possession. If caught in possession of fireworks, you are liable to prosecution.

“Parents might think it fun giving fireworks to their children, but doing this is ignoring the dangers and if caught with illegal fireworks, they could face legal repercussions.”



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