June 6, 2020

ELECTION 2020: Count 5 – All to play for as the Green’s Malcom Noonan overtakes John Paul Phelan, Patrick O’Neill bows out

Fine Gael candidate Patrick O’Neill has been eliminated from the race for the Carlow-Kilkenny constituency after the fifth count at the Lyrath Estate tonight.

Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness is now just 73 votes from reaching the 12,272 quota to be confirmed as the second TD to be returned in the constituency after Sinn Féin’s Kathleen Funchion poll topping exploits.

Bennettsbridge-based councillor Patrick O’Neill is the latest casualty of the local poll battle, and Minister John Paul Phelan will be hoping to pick up some badly needed transfers from his running mate’s 4,186 votes after he was overtaken by the Green’s Malcolm Noonan in the fifth count in the battle for the last seat in the constituency.

The sixth count is now underway.

General Election 2020, Carlow-Kilkenny Constituency – Count 5:

Quota: 12,274

*FUNCHION, Kathleen SF 17,493 * COUNT 1 (Elected)
*McGUINNESS, John FF 12,201 +579
MURNANE O’CONNOR, Jennifer FF 10,253 +160
*AYLWARD, Bobby FF 8,408 +284
NOONAN, Malcolm GP 7,078 +871
*PHELAN, John Paul FG 6,975 +223
*DEERING, Pat FG 6,420 +97
WALLACE, Adrienne SOL-PBP 4,776 +717

O’NEILL, Patrick FG 4,186 +243 – Eliminated 



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