November 29, 2021
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FUN IN THE SUN: Six tips to keep you healthy and happy in the heat

BETTER late than never, as they say, and summer is finally here!

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far and today promises to be another beautiful day in Kilkenny and throughout most of the country, with temperatures of up to 25 degrees and clear blue skies throughout.

With the heat, however, comes a health warning, and although we’re escaping the deadly heatwave baking Western Europe right now it’s best not to take any chances with the sun.

So here’s six handy tips on how to make the most of the sun while avoiding the burn.

  1. Use sunscreen and cover your white bits

Let’s face it: us Irish are not really designed for sun, so if you’re outside apply sunscreen! (at least factor 15+). Wear a t-shirt, a hat, and sunglasses. And don’t be scared to re-apply that sunscreen every so often.

      2. Liquid is your friend

The recommended daily intake of fluid is 2.5 litres – drink more! To mix it up a bit, add some flavoured vitamin tablets or hydration salts too. No harm in that!

  1. Come into the darkness

Your body is like a fridge, it works best at a constant temperature. Find some shade or go inside every once in a while and let your body cool down.

  1. It’s not all about your tan

Young children and older people are more prone to the effects of heat. Make sure they are taking enough fluids and are comfortable.

For young babies, check their nappies regularly, if you notice any difference in the consistency of the contents (yeah, we went there), it probably means they are not enjoying the sun as much as you.

  1. You should cut down on your PARKLIFE mate, watch the exercise

It’s difficult to drag people away from their wellness, fitness and sculpting regimes these days, but in weather like this reign in your efforts a bit.

If you still need to feel the burn, make sure you up your intake of fluids and drink more often.

  1. Any one fancy a pint?

Hot weather speeds up the effects of alcohol, and we know alcohol leads to dehydration. So have a glass of water with each drink and that should do the trick.

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