December 4, 2023

Garda on mountain bike chases chatty motorist down Kilkenny’s busiest street

A motorist was hit with a fine and three penalty points after they were caught holding a phone while driving the length of Kilkenny’s busiest street.

The brazen driver had passed a Garda on mountain bike patrol on High Street yesterday and kept driving, prompting the officer to give chase after the vehicle.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “One of our Garda Mountain Bikers intercepted a motorist holding his phone while driving the length of High Street a few minutes ago. The motorist had actually driven past 6ft3 of Garda in high vis while on the phone prompting a far too energetic cycle at this time on a Monday morning.”

Gardai confirmed the driver was fined and given three penalty points.

PHOTO: High Street, Kilkenny 

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