February 26, 2024

Huge insurance costs driving Kilkenny motorists around the bend: survey

THE cost of insurance is the biggest concern for motorists in Kilkenny, new research shows.

The standard of driving by fellow motorists comes next on the complaints list with 20% of drivers describing its as “somewhat good” and the same percentage complaining that it is “not good at all”.

The survey was conducted, in Kilkenny and other counties, among 5,500 customers of Easytrip, the electronic parking and toll tag provider.

It found that, despite the concern about insurance costs, one in 10 drivers is not fully aware of the  terms of their insurance policy.

Fifty-two per cent of the motorists surveyed find other drivers to be courteous. But there are many complaints about parking.

One car taking up two parking spaces is a bugbear for 86% of drivers. Drivers  parking too close to your car is a complaint with 71% of drivers and illegal parking in a disabled parking space is a major source of annoyance for 70% of motorists surveyed.

Commenting on the research, Colin Delaney, CEO of Easytrip said: “While it’s not surprising to see that the cost of insurance remains a key concern for many drivers, it was alarming to see that many of the respondents weren’t aware of the features of their insurance policy. It is vital that drivers read through their insurance cover and understand what is included in the event of a driving incident.”


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