July 18, 2024
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Ireland’s leading rural sustainability and business event comes to Kilkenny


AN EXHIBITION highlighting the opportunities available from rural sustainability is being held in Kilkenny this week.

The Energy and Rural Business Show Ireland (ERBI) is an event for the agricultural and rural communities of Ireland, providing in depth information and guidance on renewable energy generation and use, environmental best practice and other diversification ventures.

ERBI consists of two expos in one event – an energy and a business expo and is being held at The Hub, Cillin Hill, Kilkenny today and tomorrow.

The ‘Energy Now’ expo focuses on the renewable energy options available to farmers and landowners, together with best practices in energy management.

While the ‘Rural Business’ Expo, provides farmers, landowners and rural business owners with ideas and guidance on ways to maximise the value of available resources. It also will address diversifying incomes and integration of new ventures into existing businesses.

Run in association with Teagasc and the Irish Farmers Association, and supported by a host of Irish and international sustainability agencies. The event sees some of the world’s leading renewable energy providers, biomass producers, associations and business agencies, on hand to lend their experience and expertise.

Entry to the event is free but you must register to attend. Registration is available online at: http://www.energyandruralbusiness.co.uk/ireland-visit/register-to-visit.

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