April 21, 2024

Kilkenny campaigner Vicky Phelan delighted to be coming home after enduring torrid time

Kilkenny’s hero cancer campaigner Vicky Phelan is coming home in two weeks for a break from her ongoing trial treatment at a clinic in the USA.

And it could not come at a better time for the Mooncoin mother-of-two, who has endured an extremely tough couple of weeks in the States suffering from the side effects of the trial drug.

Vicky (46) recently revealed she has developed Bell’s Palsy during rounds 10 and 11 of her treatment and last week was rushed into hospital after a friend noticed her condition was deteriorating rapidly.

She spent three days in hospital last week while doctors tried to deal with her soaring temperature, inflamed sinuses and general sickness.

Added to this, Vicky was aware she had to take her final round of the cancer treatment called M7824 at the National Institute of Health facility in Maryland, before returning to Ireland.

Vicky received that treatment last Friday and remained in bed all weekend to prevent herself vomiting.

It was Tuesday before she felt any better and managed to get outside for the first time in two weeks, and last night took to Instagram to say she was feeling much better now.

Speaking to her Instagram followers, Vicky said: “I can now FINALLY get excited about going home in a little over 2 WEEKS!!!!

“All that I have left before I board that flight to Dublin is a CT scan to see how my tumours look ???,” she said before she went on and thanks the people individually who have been going beyond and above to help her when she needs it the most.

“Finally, THANK YOU to all of YOU on my social media channels on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter,” Vicky said.

“I have received thousands of messages over the past two weeks. I am slowly getting through reading them all.

“Your messages of support are what has kept me going on the really tough days when it has just been me and my thoughts over here. So, honestly, thank you to all of you,” added Vicky.

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