February 22, 2024
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Kilkenny city granted €500,000 to develop as a ‘destination town’

Kilkenny city has been given a €500,000 windfall in an effort to develop its potential as a tourism ‘destination town’.

The funding has been allocated through Kilkenny County Council as part of the €15.5million ‘Destination Towns’ initiative launched earlier this year by Fáilte Ireland, the national tourism agency.

Kilkenny’s ambition is to create a visitor-focused experience that connects key buildings in the city including the Tholsel, the Medieval Mile Museum, St. Mary’s Church and Graveyard, St. Mary’s Lane and Shee Alms House and will complement the relocation of the Tourist Information Office to High Street.

The funding will assist in creating a new ‘centre of gravity’ for Medieval Kilkenny and increase footfall in areas not currently reached, allowing other businesses to participate in Kilkenny tourism business.

In addition, there will be a new shared space zone at the Parade/High Street junction, to give the route a natural flow, where pedestrians have priority.

The Fáilte Ireland scheme is part of the National Tourism Development Authority’s work to drive a better regional spread of overseas and domestic visitors and spend.

The new scheme will provide funding to Councils to enhance public spaces such as squares, streetscapes and markets in a way that will engage tourists and enhance their experience in key towns.

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