September 17, 2021

Kilkenny hospital crisis: Visitor restrictions at St Luke’s extended into third week

The ban on visitors attending St Luke’s General Hospital in Kilkenny has once again been extended and is set to enter into a third week.

Visitors are being urged to stay away from St Luke’s unless their visit is absolutely necessary as staff there continue to battle with a flu outbreak.

The visitor ban was initially implemented on Saturday, December 28. If extended into the weekend, the ban will enter its third week.

A hospital spokesperson told “The strict ban on visitors remains in place and the hospital remains closed at the moment.

“The hospital is constantly reviewing the situation and for the coming days the ban will remain in place.

“The public is asked not to visit the hospital until advised to do so and only to attend if absolutely necessary. If visitors are attending, we ask them not to bring children if at all possible.”


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