December 11, 2023

Kilkenny TD’s Bill to give survivors of Mother and Baby Homes access to birth certs

A Kilkenny TD is introducing legislation that will ensure adopted people, specifically the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes, access to their birth certificates.

Deputy Kathleen Funchion, Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on Children, is bringing the Civil Registration Amendment Bill 2021 before the Dail today. If passed, the Bill will allow survivors a fundamental right to their identity, which has been denied to many.

The Kilkenny TD said she is hoping for cross party support for the bill. She added: “I will introduce the Civil Registration Amendment Bill 2021 in the Dáil which will give adopted people a legal right to obtain a copy of their own birth certificate.

“Survivors have spoken of their deep distress at the current cruel and unfair system which refuses to give them access to their own records. They have expressed time and again how current processes see their requests delayed and refused, when they are simply seeking fundamental information about their own lives.

“Survivors have shown immense courage in sharing their stories at the Mother and Baby Homes Commission and we have a duty to listen to them and to act.”

The Mother and Baby’s Homes Commission’s report was published last month and Deputy Funchion said the time has come to act on the recommendations, and not just talk about them.

Deputy Funchion said: “Since the publication of the Commission’s report, survivors have heard sympathetic words from the Government, but they need more than kind words, they need action to address their needs.

“Ensuring survivors can access their own birth certificates is a vital first step towards meeting their needs.

“Survivors have already waited far too long to access their records. We cannot in good conscience allow more unnecessary and unfair delays to stand in their path.

“It is in the government’s power to put this right. All TDs from all parties need to do the right thing and back this legislation,” Deputy Funchion concluded.



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