March 22, 2023
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Kilkenny to host major farming conference

Teagasc’s National Tillage Conference will take place in Kilkenny this month.

‘Minimizing risk, promoting sustainability’ is the theme of the conference which will take place on Wednesday, January 29 at the Lyrath Convention Centre.

Teagasc said the conference is “focussed on delivering answers to many of the decisions stakeholders need to make in advance of the 2020 crop season”.

The event is set against the background of a very challenging 2019 Autumn, which led to a reduction of up to 50% in winter crop plantings.

Meanwhile, the sector continues to face significant risks posed by the loss of important chemistries for pest, disease and weed control and the need to ensure sustainable practises.

Speaking in advance of the conference, Head of the Crops Science Department in Teagasc, Dr Ewen Mullins said the topics covered this year relate to some of the key issues facing growers such as costs and returns looking ahead to spring planting, beans agronomy, managing insecticide resistance in aphids, the emergence of grassweeds and cereal diseases with the loss of chlorothalonil.

To see the full conference programme, log on to:


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