December 5, 2023

KILKENNY WEATHER: Big freeze on way as Met Éireann warns of ‘widespread sleet and snow’

Kilkenny and the eastern part of the country is set to face a very cold few days, with Met Éireann warning of “widespread sleet and snow” towards the end of the week.

The national forecaster said people can expected temperatures “in low single figures by day” and “sharp frost and ice at nights”.

Today is set to be very cold with bright or sunny spells. Met Éireann said: “There will be scattered wintry showers of rain, sleet or snow, mostly in the eastern half of the country. Many areas will be dry. Highest temperatures of just 1 to 4 degrees with moderate to fresh easterly winds.”

Tomorrow will continue to be very cold with further wintry showers of rain, sleet and snow feeding in from the east. The national forecaster added: “They’ll mainly affect the eastern half of the country, especially eastern coastal counties with moderate snow accumulations in places. It will be mainly dry further west with just isolated showers. Daytime temperatures of just 1 to 3 degrees with fresh easterly winds, strong on southern coasts. Tuesday night will be very cold with lowest temperatures of minus 4 to zero degrees with severe frost and ice causing hazardous conditions. Some further showers of sleet and snow in the east. Winds will ease overnight with fog patches developing.”

Wednesday is also set to be a very cold day, with daytime temperatures only reaching 2 or 3 degrees. Wednesday night will be cold and frosty in many areas, with rain, sleet and snow developing in the southwest overnight.

Met Éireann said there is “some uncertainty” on exact conditions for Thursday and Friday. It said current indications suggest that rain, sleet and snow will move northeastwards over Ireland on Thursday. Met Éireann sadded: “It will fall initially as sleet and snow with significant accumulations possible before it turns to rain as milder air moves up from the south. Daytime temperatures of just 1 to 4 degrees. On Thursday night, sleet and snow will continue in Ulster and Leinster, while showers of rain will develop in the west and south.”

The national forecaster said of Friday: “There may be further falls of sleet and snow in parts of north Leinster and Ulster, with showers of rain further south. Eventually the milder air will reach northern areas and the weekend will be less cold with a few showers.”

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