April 12, 2021

Kilkenny minister mobilises €1.35m war chest to combat invasive species

Kilkenny TD and Minister of State Malcolm Noonan has picked a fight with invasive species. And he’s set aside a €1.35 million war chest to defeat the alien invaders.

The Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform has made the funds available to local authorities to tackle Invasive Alien Species (IAS) such as Rhododendron ponticum and Japanese Knotweed.

The grant scheme, launched as part of the National Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2021. has been increased from the €700,000 allocated last year.

Last year Kilkenny County Council used the money granted to commission a series of biodiversity adverts for local radio, encouraging the public to protect, record and enjoy Kilkenny’s biodiversity.

Announcing this year’s scheme, Minister Noonan said: “I’m thrilled to launch this important funding scheme on World Wildlife Day to further support the implementation of the National Biodiversity Action Plan.

“Local authorities have a hugely important role to play in addressing the biodiversity crisis, and we need their help to create new habitats, restore existing ones, tackle invasive species and raise awareness of nature locally, regionally and nationally,” Minister Noonan (pictured below) added.



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