February 23, 2024
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SPONSORED: Louisa’s Honey: bringing the true nectar of Italy to your kitchen table

The sunshine of Italy is poured into Louisa’s Honey. It is sourced from bee farms in the beautiful valleys of Puglia, Tuscany and Florence, family-owned and family-run. The businesses go back generations but the work of the bees goes back a lot further. Those busy little wonders have been making beautiful Italian honey since before the days of the Roman empire.

The Louisa’s Honey people have worked alongside the farmers and can personally testify that only traditional, natural treatments and methods are used. The bees are treated with respect and never come into contact with any un-natural products or chemicals.

The result is a range of honey of the highest quality, standard and purity.

Behind these wonderful honeys is a story of an ill wind that blew nothing but good for friends and neighbours, Peter Foster and Simon Georgiou.  It began with the Covid pandemic when Peter’s golf tuition business ended in a bunker and Simon’s taxi fleet was driven off the road.

The pair embarked on a journey through Italy where they made the sweetest of discoveries at a honey production site they visited quite by accident. “We discovered the real nectar of Italy,” recalls Peter.  “We were blown away by what we saw, mesmerised by the range of flavours and stunned by the individual unique tastes, colours, textures and aromas of the honey.”
Peter and Simon returned to their British base buzzing with excitement, determined to bring this quality and range of honeys to a UK and global market, to make it available on our doorsteps and our supermarket shelves.

So was born the exciting range of Louisa’s Honey. The brand name has a family significance.  Louisa is the name of Simon’s wife and also of Peter’s late mother, and so perfectly connects both families and the business.

Louisa’s Honey comes in six  unique flavours:  Bosco, Coriander, Lime, Chestnut, Citrus and Acacia, all  pure and natural, not infused. They have  a seventh speciality blend, pure and natural Acacia honey blended with natural root ginger. “Not only are our honeys unique in taste and flavours, they are all unique in colour, textures and aromas,” explains Louisa.  “Our honeys are not infused in any way to obtain their flavour. They are pure, natural and untouched.”
The labels and jars stand out, with different colours to represent each of the  flavours.

Louisa’s Honey launched their products in March at the IFE London Excel, with celebrated chef Gennaro Contaldo, who stated on social media that Louisa’s Honey “is the best honey in the world.”

 “Gennaro is a huge fan of Louisa’s Honey and has been cooking with our honey,” says Simon Louisa. “We are in further dialogue with him, regarding Brand Ambassador for our products.”

Since the launch, the team have been busy as bees promoting their extraordinary honeys. Their achievements include:
• Several collaborations with MasterChef UK semi-finalists and finalists, bakers and foodies using  their products.
• Celebrity endorsements from Absolutely Ascott stars Emma Brooker and Ellie Ball, television personality and model Amy Childs and the sprinter Dwain Chambers.
• Finalist Chef Rex De Guzman and winner Dominique Woolf Woolfe from the show Jamie Oliver’s Cookbook Challenge, have all engaged with posts and some have produced stories about Louisa’s Honey .
• A video has been produced,  labelled ‘Louisa’s Honey Taste Test Challenge’ featuring Gennaro Contaldo, several MasterChef UK 2022 finalists including runner up Radha Rü, and Sarah Rankin, Semi-finalists Olayemi Adelekan, Farokh Soltani and James Skelton, Quarter Finalist Ally Middleton and Contestant Joanna Kashoumeri. semi-finalists and finalists, Chef Rex De Guzman and Robin Daumit,  three-times food network chef from the US

• Most recently, the team produced a video featuring Gennaro Contaldo, several Masterchefs UK 2022 Finalists including runner up Rahda Rü, Sarah Rankin and Ioan Jones, Semi-finalists Olayemi Adelekan and James Skelton, Quarter Finalist Ally Middleton and Contestants Joanna Kashoumeri and Vanessa Haughton, Multi–Award Winning nutritionist Laura Warren from Elite Living Nutrition in Ireland, Denise Phillips a professional chef who has published seven cookbooks, Shirley Lim from the US BA for 1885 BlackAngus beef US and my.blue.tea Australia, all participants of ‘The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Challenge’ to cook a recipe fit for the Queen for people to use at their jubilee parties set by Louisa’s Honey.

Take a look at the Instagram Handle https://www.instagram.com/louisas_honey/ to see the Louisa’s Honey journey so far, the challenges set and loads of recipe ideas. Including a video of Finalist Ioan Jones with Winner of Masterchef UK 2022 Eddie Scott cooking with Ioan and enjoying a Shakshouka with Louisa’s Coriander Honey!  You will be surprised what you can do with Louisa’s Honey.

Our honey can be purchased directly from our website www.louisas-honey.com as well as the following Stockists:

Amazon – www.amazon.co.uk

Nosher’s The Smoked Salmon Company Totteridge,

40 Totteridge Lane, Whetstone, N20 0HD

Nosher’s The Smoked Salmon Company Stanmore

6 Buckingham Parade, Stanmore, HA7 4EB

Nosher’s The Smoked Salmon Company Radlett

351 Watling Street, Radlett, WD7 7LB

Wood Stock Natural & Organic Food Store, Loughton

Loughton High Road Essex IG10 1AD

Village Wholefoods Clapham

9 Clapham, The Pavement, Clapham SW4 0HY

Village Organic Victoria Park Village

91 Lauriston Road, London E9 7HJ

Goldie Joes

1 Woodall Road, Enfiield, EN3 4GS

Zawi natural & organic market

12-14 Electric Parade, George Lane London, E18 2LY

Should you require any further information our contact details for Louisa’s Honey Limited:

Email: info@louisas-honey.com

Simon Georgiou 07983098880

Website: https://louisas-honey.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/louisas_honey/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/louisashoney





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