June 1, 2020
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‘No-deal Brexit makes no sense’ – EU Commissioner and former Kilkenny TD Phil Hogan

IRELAND’S EU Commissioner, the former Kilkenny TD Phil Hogan, today said a ‘no-deal’ Brexit makes no sense and is the worst possible outcome.

However Mr Hogan said he still believes “common sense” will prevail and that some deal will be reached before the UK formally leaves the EU.

Commissioner Hogan made the comments at a briefing in Brussels earlier today.

When asked about comments made by some in the British Conservative Party that a no-deal Brexit would be “not nearly as grim” as many people think, the Kilkenny man replied: “Despite the madness of Brexit, I still believe that common sense might prevail. I hope it does. No deal makes no sense. It’s simply crazy. There’s too much at stake.”

He added: “There’s no such thing as a good outcome in relation to Brexit, but I believe that a no-deal Brexit is the worst of all outcomes.”

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