November 29, 2020

No plans for Direct Provision centre for asylum seekers in county Kilkenny town: Department of Justice


THERE are no plans to turn a county Kilkenny hotel into Direct Provision centre despite widespread speculation on social media to the contary in recent days.

The Department of Justice today insisted “no direct provision centre is planned” for Ballyragget, and there are no plans to place emergency accommodation in the town.

The Department of Justice’s comments were in response to a social media campaign that sprung up in recent days under the banner: “Ballyragget, County Kilkenny says No to a Direct Provision centre.”

The online group claims a hotel in Ballyragget will be turned into a Direct Provision centre. It called on the people of “the Ballyragget community and surrounding population of North Kilkenny, and all their friends and neighbours throughout the County and City of Kilkenny, and Ireland” to stand with them and to come out in protest.

The group said on Facebook that it is “against the imposition of a large Direct Provision centre on the town sneakily without a word by the Department of Justice”.

The private group, which you have to request to join, already has well over 130 members.

However, in response to queries from, the Department of Justice today said: “We can confirm that no Direct Provision centre is planned for Ballyragget.”

A Facebook post by Councillor Andrew McGuinness earlier this afternoon also confirmed Kilkenny County Council has no plans to open a direct provision centre in Ballyragget.

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