February 27, 2024

Operation TransPAWmation: Free weight check for Kilkenny cats and dogs

Kilkenny pet owners are being invited to take part in Operation TransPAWmation at Petmania’s store in the city.

The campaign runs throughout this month and March and aims to reduce obesity in pets, encourage healthier habits and transform pets’ lives.

Local pet owners can bring their dog or cat to the store in the Kilkenny Retail and Business Park on the Ring Road for a free weight and body condition score (BSC) check over the coming weeks.

According to Royal Canin experts, obesity in dogs is a growing epidemic with three in five dogs now overweight. Likewise, some 40% of cats are overweight.

Obesity can lead to devastating health complications like arthritis, cardio respiratory problems and ligament rupture. It significantly reduces a pet’s life expectancy and their wellbeing.

Petmania Kilkenny store manager Deirdre Damasceno said: “We are delighted to launch Operation TransPAWmation for the fourth year. Last year 1,149  cats and dogs took part in the campaign and it is hugely satisfying to have helped to put so many pets back on the road to good health. Our own research has shown that less than half of Ireland’s pet owners know what their pet’s Body Condition Score(BCS) is.

“The BCS is a vital visual-check of your pet’s body which will give an immediate indication of their health. Our team of pet care advisors are on-hand in-store to help pet owners calculate and interpret their pet’s Body Condition Score. We encourage all pet owners to join Operation TransPAWmation and gain #HealthierHabits.”

PHOTO: Tiger Kazzaz (9) and Reilly the Cockapoo at the launch of Operation TransPAWmation. Picture – Dylan Vaughan 

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