March 1, 2024
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‘Outdoor dining is here to stay’ – funding to enhance Kilkenny streets and shop fronts

Kilkenny will receive a total of €260,000 to support the enhancement of streetscapes and shopfronts in rural towns and villages as part of a new €7 million national fund.

The Streetscape Enhancement Initiative launched by the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys, this week will provide funding to property owners to improve the facades of their buildings.

Local TD John Paul Phelan said the funding will provide “a great boost for communities in Kilkenny”.

Deputy Phelan said: “Funding of €260,000 for Kilkenny’s towns and villages will see communities across our county becoming more colourful, vibrant and attractive places. Projects will include upgrades to building facades, artwork, murals, lighting, street furniture and canopies.

“Other projects across Kilkenny will include the commissioning of murals in towns and villages, the provision of street planting, shrubbery, trees and flowers boxes and the illumination and lighting of architectural features. It also includes the installation of canopies and street furniture which will contribute to the great work done by many bar and restaurant owners this summer.”

He added: “Collaboration and strategic thinking will form a key part of this initiative; Local Authorities will work with businesses and property owners, and we’ll also see strategic collaboration between property owners themselves to paint buildings or shopfronts in vibrant colours.”

Commenting on the scheme, Minister Humphreys said: “We have all seen the huge success of towns across the country who have put a major focus on improving their streetscapes by painting buildings in vibrant colours, upgrading and restoring their traditional shopfronts and removing unnecessary clutter from their main streets.

“Outdoor Dining is here to stay, and I believe that will only be a positive for towns and villages across the country. Through this fund, we want to make sure that people are looking out at vibrant, colourful and welcoming streets in our rural towns.”

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